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Literature Review

Literature Review is part and parcel of very major piece of writing project like a Dissertation. It is therefore important to know the meaning, purpose and structure of a literature review.

The Meaning of Dissertation Literature Review

A Literature Review is basically a body of text designed with the purpose of providing review on the main points of the contemporary knowledge, theoretical and research. This body of text includes the research findings, results from various data and the application of theoretical application. It normally gives an account of what has been published on various subject areas and has been authentically to be genuine by external researchers and scholars.

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The Structure of Literature Review

A Literature Review mainly structured to revolve on the ideas of the author, but not on the sources. It requires professional dissertation writers to carry out an intensive research on a particular before getting down to the writing part. The structure of a Literature Review varies in terms of formats and contents, because they are all different.

The Purpose of Literature Review in Dissertation Writing

The main purpose of Literature Review to engage in and provide a critical assessment and thorough examination of the secondary sources that are written on the same subject that the researcher is undertaking. The main goal is therefore to give the reader updated details on the available literature on specific field which can be used for future research.

The Structure for Literature Review

A well written Literature Review will provide the readers with a comprehensive background and structure for conducting proper research paper. Professional dissertation writers must clarify issues and evaluate different resources that are available like journals, books or websites. It must sure that these sources are current and up to date. Every Literature Review needs to have a background Introduction, the main body with sun heading and conclusion on the subject topic being researched.

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