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Dissertation is a significant and an extensive piece of academic work that demands substantial care in its preparation, management and execution. A high level of rational and academic maturity is required while opting for an apt and suitable topic as well as in the implementation and presentation of the final research. Students need to develop and illustrate meticulous research skills and relevantly use their knowledge of the particular and distinct chosen field.

Pro Diss Writers Tell How to Make Dissertation Look Special

The first thing that you should do in order to make your dissertation look and feel special, according to professional dissertation writing services, is choose a controversial and unusual topic for it. If you will choose something that might yield some interesting results and contribute to the overall knowledge in a certain field, then you can say that you managed to make your dissertation special and you will have all chances of getting a very good grade on it. Another thing that can make your dissertation special is the amount of research and effort that you put into it. If you will leave some blind spots, the committee might not like that and you will not get a high grade. Of course, you will be limited in time, but during the research phase, you should try to answer all research questions that might arise.

Main Dissertation Parts

There are certain problems you are likely to face when writing a dissertation. For example how to structure your work? What parts should you divide your dissertation into? We will give you several useful pieces of advice on what to include in each section:

  • In a dissertation abstract, you give the brief summary of your ideas. Give the information about the conducted research. The abstract must make your readers interested in the dissertation. Just in two pages tell about the relevant issues and the key terms used in the paper.
  • Begin your introduction chapter with several sentences about the aim of the research. Then tell about the background information. Here you can also include the results of several previous types of research. This will give the possibility to compare your data to the existing. State your hypothesis and tell how you will prove it. Mention how your dissertation is organized. I mean what can be found in each chapter.
  • The literature review is a very important part. Here you have to show that you have mastered lots of books concerning your topic. Besides, show how the existing findings are connected to your research. You can organize it either chronologically or thematically. Here you show how your research will be able to fill existing gaps.
  • In the research methodology chapter, you shouldn’t provide all the details of your research. Instead, show the approach you will use to solve the problems. Describe the methods you are planning to apply. Justify why your methods are strong and how they will help to reach the results. Persuade your readers that your methods will help to provide accurate results of the research.
  • The section where you present the results should contain only bare facts. Here you cannot place your personal opinion! Do not try to interpret your findings. You may present them in a form of a clear discussion. Here you can recollect about the literature review and tell how your results are similar to or differ from the existing ones.
  • Here comes the discussion section! There are no more or less important parts of a dissertation but this one is considered to be the most serious one. This is usually the longest part of the entire dissertation. Structure it clearly! Here you will describe and interpret your findings. Discuss their significance and show how the results will prove your hypothesis. Show your results in the light of previous works.

And don’t forget about the last but not less important part of your word – proofreading and editing.
Find more tips on dissertation structure and its chapter bellow.

Difference Between Method and Methodology

“Method” refers to a procedure, which is definite, established and logical; “method” is a systematic way of accomplishing something. On the other hand, “methodology” refers to a theoretical analysis of methods appropriate to a particular field of study or to the body of methods which are used in a certain branch of knowledge. So, “method” is a way of doing things while “methodology” is a set or system of methods.

The research methodology for this paper will involve the extensive use of interviews.

This sentence is an example of the misuse of the word “methodology”. It should be written this way:

The research method for this paper will involve the extensive use of interviews.

An example of a research methodology is “empirical positivism”, which is the philosophical basis of the assumptions you make in the research and the manner you use to carry it out.

Explanations on Thesis Proposal Parts

Our professional writers remind you that every thesis proposal must include the following structure:

  • Title of the paper. It must be a short and brief description of what you want to investigate. For example, you can write about “the impact of global warming on African farming industry and food security, with a specific reference to Kenya”.
  • Abstract. It contains the summary of your research statement, the significance of your research study, the hypothesis you are planning to tests, the research methods you are going to employ to undertake project and as well as your findings and results.
  • Introduction of your proposal. This part should also present the general background context of your research problem. Keep in mind that the formulating a research problem is the biggest challenge that many writers face. This is what determines the focus and direction of your research project. It is important that you become creative in formulating research questions and statement.
  • Research methodology. It is also an important area which informs your readers just how you are planning to tackle the research question or problem. What type of activities you are going to employ in gathering your data and which sources you are planning to use.
  • Survey. Your thesis needs to include a survey and review of the literature that is available in your field.

These pieces of advice should help you structure the dissertation.

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The Significance of a Professional Help in Preparing a Dissertation

Preparation of a dissertation involves all those skills that are applicable to standard performance in planning, environmental organization, and restoration, but from an academic viewpoint, a masterly understanding of the specific subject is required. Professional Dissertation Writers help in applying different research practices, systems and methodology to augment skills relating to problem definition, information collection, development of theories and assumptions, analysis, logical and rational arguments to prepare a final draft since they are aware of the importance of the dissertation in the academic success of the student.

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